Equalizer! Все познается в сравнении.
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Form your own understanding of the market!

All cognition is in comparison.

How does the supplemented reality shows to secret mechanisms of the market?

Association simplify understanding, so let's start with the associations. Let's imagine that music is a market data. For music can be written a words.
Get the song. Words are metadata for music, In our comparison , due to which we can perceive a new entity - the song
And this song is the Equalizer, a new tool market analysts
For analysts in Equalizer program we use the retail sales data of the country's pharmacies. Accuracy of the model is 95%
The team of professionals is working to gather information, processing and expert interpretation.
When sales are down, reduced marketing costs.

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let's introduce

Why our program named Equalizer(EQ)?

In Wikipedia  term «equalizer» have  a multiple values -       

-a device or circuit for correction

-the solution set of an equation

-a device used in equalization (audio) for frequency-dependent processing of audio signals.

We created the device which demonstrates to you a solution set.

A new program will let you to form an individual market, view of pharmaceutical market, trends of retail. Basic of EQ is metadata of 3D level. There are the solution set or scenarios, for a decision, for strategy planning.

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